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WE SAY MORE THAN WE THINK. Communication has many aspects, and one of those aspects, a most important one is  reflective listening. This piece first appeared in Irish Canine Press in August 20 14 in my column “ The Reality … Continue reading

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Manners …Children and Dogs How do we teach a dog “Manners”? Same way that we teach children. We show good leadership. We are consistent. We are vigilant and we persist until certain behaviours are “proofed” in…

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Dog Training and Mentors.

Dog Training and Mentors. In dog training it is difficult to both observe and simultaneously to train the dog. What “feels” right to us might look very different to the onlooker. When we feel that our dog is in the … Continue reading

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Get ready to bail out …IRISH WATER

Irish taxpayers are prepared to put their shoulders to the wheel again in the name of patriotism…this time to bail out Irish Water. Get ready folks…get ready to bail! First you will allow them to put in water meters. Then … Continue reading

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WATCHING THE DOOR- Cheating Death in 1970s Belfast by Kevin Myers

I stumbled across this book in the bargain basket of my local bookshop. I bought it because its author’s face was fresh in my mind from “The Troubles I’ve Seen”, U.T.V’s excellent series on Northern Ireland’s recent history, and also … Continue reading

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BEST IN THE CLASS In my Competition Obedience Dog Training class I was finding it challenging to help certain members of the group to believe in themselves and in their abilities. Most of my little group were reasonably positive and … Continue reading

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Motivation. When Daddy knows best

MOTIVATION When Daddy always knows best  Parents always have the best of intentions for their children. But imagining what their children find motivational is sometimes not their greatest gift.  What a parent assumes his child will find motivational is sometimes … Continue reading

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