Manners …Children and Dogs

How do we teach a dog “Manners”?

Same way that we teach children. We show good leadership. We are consistent. We are vigilant and we persist until certain behaviours are “proofed” in the child or in the dog.

Some people imagine that a dog can be taught “manners” almost instantly. And they have scant understanding of what is appropriate in different settings. So people find themselves in a setting with their dog, say, arriving at a boarding kennels.  Another dog is standing close by and barking at the new arrival.

And the owners of the arriving dog ask their own dog to …sit.

Right in front of another barking dog!

And then they proceed to insist that their dog should “sit”. Actually, they insist on,

“Sit!….Sit!….SIT!  Sit-sit-sit!  SIT!!! ROVER!!!  WILL . YOU.  SIT!!!!!”,

(Rover rarely does sit…but perhaps he may do. On the tenth pleading).

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About consistentclarity

I have been involved in education all my working life. I am trained as a teacher and have taught both children and adults. I am fascinated by how people and animals learn and all that they have in common. Music and literature have been central in my life.
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