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I have been involved in education all my working life. I am trained as a teacher and have taught both children and adults. I am fascinated by how people and animals learn and all that they have in common. Music and literature have been central in my life.


How good is Evil? It’s another one. Another marketer’s dream. Another opportunity to lead the population by the nose into spending money in order to “celebrate”. It’s Halloween! But when and how did Halloween evolve into today’s Celebration of Evil? … Continue reading

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Computers don’t pay Tax Our Irish Government Computer Con The Irish government announced this week that they intend to invest 210 million euro in putting digital technology in Irish schools. They say they will do this over the next five … Continue reading

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WE SAY MORE THAN WE THINK. Communication has many aspects, and one of those aspects, a most important one is  reflective listening. This piece first appeared in Irish Canine Press in August 20 14 in my column “ The Reality … Continue reading

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Hey! Parents! Leave them kids alone!

Hey! Parents! Leave them kids alone! Horse Show Week in Dublin is just over and the shops are full of “Back to School” signs. The end of the long school holidays is looming. How many parents were driven to distraction … Continue reading

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“Now, behave yourself!!!” came the final command from the adult as the young person walked towards me. Another session with another youngster whose behaviour usually was “challenging”, to say the least. “Behave yourself” Why do we say such things to … Continue reading

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Training ; when Silence really matters

Training; when Silence really matters. One of the things I notice most about people relating to other beings (human or animal) is the tendency to speak too much. In an age when keeping one’s own counsel is anathema to many … Continue reading

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Manners …Children and Dogs How do we teach a dog “Manners”? Same way that we teach children. We show good leadership. We are consistent. We are vigilant and we persist until certain behaviours are “proofed” in…

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